All Hail Elastic

The inventor of elastic must have a special place in heaven. Maternity pants, fat day savior, hider of sewing mess-ups. Is there anything it can’t do?

This wasn’t really a mess-up, more like a cheater’s way of sizing a pattern. I knew that making Turtle a size too big in the Class Picnic Shorts wouldn’t make that big a difference, except in the waistband. So I cut the back section a little short, and used the elastic to cinch them up a bit so they are wearable now. Elastic to the rescue.

Once again, I didn’t pay close enough attention to fabric requirements, and had to scrounge around for a contrasting color. Fortunately I had this green linen on hand, and although it looks really cute, I’m sure I’ll regret it every time I have to iron it. I’m not an ironer – seriously.

I originally ordered the gray version of this Sunkissed petals pattern by Moda, but the retailer ended up not having any in stock. So I subbed in the “limeade” color instead, and I must say, I think it was a stroke of good fortune. I think it’s such a cheery little pattern, but still subtle and plain enough for my taste.

I love how the shorts look like they wrap, and the next pair I make will be in some totally rad ’80s-inspired colors. They just look so “gym class” to me – in a cool, retro way. Put some three-speed socks and a tank top with them and you’ve got a killer outfit. Okay, now I’m wondering if I can alter the largest size to fit me…

A while back I accidentally bought button-hole elastic, but never had a chance to use it until today. I love it that there are people in the world who think up stuff like this – pure genius.

Here’s a peek at the back waistband. With the buttonhole elastic I hope these last us two summers at least. Not bad for a pair of shorts that cost about $5 and couple hours of time on a Sunday morning.


2 thoughts on “All Hail Elastic

  1. Hi! I started following your blog – linked to it from over at Drena's blog. These are the CUTEST shorts EVER!! Do you ever make things for other people? For a charge? I'd LOVE some of these for my 3 year old.

  2. K and P would never have RTW long pants that fit if weren't for button hole elastic. I love that stuff!The shorts are darling…I love the print against the green linen. I'm not an ironer either unless it's to press seams while sewing!:)

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