The Summer of Shorts Continues

I’ve made my fifth pair of shorts for this summer, and none too quickly. After a brief few days of freezing (read = 60-degree) weather, we are back to the 90s in Atlanta. I have three more pairs on deck for the coming weeks, plus several dresses and shirts, which should round out the summer wardrobe nicely.

Of course, it was probably really stupid of me to make white shorts. I mean, my Turtle is not know for her grace. She falls, a lot, and spills food, a lot. Oh well, I guess there is always bleach.

These Puppet Show Shorts are made with another piece of Whitelites. I can’t enough of this fabric and in fact, I need to get some more – I think it would look great as a Class Picnic Blouse.

The pockets on this pattern are just divine. So cute and so easy to make.

One thing I’ve changed since my first pairs of these is to eliminate the gathers at the leg openings. The shorts are designed in the “bloomer” style, but I think they work better for my active toddler as more traditional shorts. So I keep the bias binding the same length as the leg openings and forgo the gathering step.

This pair took me less than two hours. I made up a pair in black knit without pockets or leg binding the day before in about 30 minutes (and believe me, I was watching the clock because Modern Family was coming on). They probably didn’t save me any money over the ones at Target (which are usually $4) but I didn’t have to drag a toddler through the store, so that’s a win for do-it-yourself in my book.


One thought on “The Summer of Shorts Continues

  1. Sweet shorts! The white on white print is so lovely and the nice thing about white is there's always bleach if they get stained too badly.

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