I have been in quite a cooking funk lately, mostly due to the longer hours I’ve been working and the summer weather that’s allowed us to start walking to work/school again. All this means that we get home at 6:15pm at the absolute earliest. With a bedtime for Turtle of 8pm, that leaves precious little time to even eat dinner, much less make something, before it’s time to bathe and settle down for the night.

All this has led to the fact that most nights for the past two weeks we’ve had what I call “non-meals”: cereal, yogurt & granola or a plate of sliced turkey, cheese & crackers. Other nights we rely on our old standby restaurants: Chik-fil-A, Azio, Doc Chey’s, Papi’s. I feel so guilty about it – hopefully I’m not the only one who serves her family these non-meals sometimes?! Although I have to admit that I love nothing more than a bowl of Greek yogurt and granola, and I eat this pretty much every day of my life for one meal or another. I have been eating Atlanta Fresh yogurt for quite some time, but recently got turned onto The Greek Gods when my store was out of Atlanta Fresh. Mix in Whole Foods’ 365 brand oat & honey granola and you’ve got instant comfort food. My DH also loves granola and is known to eat the last bit late at night, so that I wake up in the morning to an empty, yawning box sitting on the counter. Crushing.

It’s not for lack of imagination that I’ve not been cooking. In fact, I have three recipes in my inbox just waiting to be made, and the ingredients are already plugged into my spiffy Grocery Zen app. I tend to gravitate toward the same types of food, (pasta with cream sauce, anyone?), so I’m really trying to branch out. On deck for my kitchen are:

I swear I will make one of these tonight, and I hope someone out there can tell me that her family ate peanut butter crackers or something for dinner last night. If not, just tell me that anyway so I feel better.

2 thoughts on “Funk

  1. Oh, yes, it happens. I find I don't like to cook in the summer. I seriously have ate about 100 tomato sandwiches while Adam makes a tv dinner and I serve Oliver his choice of: Peanut butter, spaghetti O's, biscuit, cheese and crackers, or some other item that I call pizza so he'll at least try it. 😉

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