BBQ Chicken Burgers

Although not a big red meat eater, I love a good hamburger. Mostly I think that’s because I love the cheese, pickles and ketchup that go with them. But we all need a little something different every once in a while, so for our Memorial Day cookout this weekend, I thought we could try these Barbecue Chicken Burgers I discovered on Annie’s Eats.

They are made basically like a meatloaf, and I think that goes a long way toward ensuring they stay moist and flavorful – I’m sure plain ground chicken would not fare well on a hot grill. We tripled the recipe due to our big crowd, and the grocery store didn’t have enough ground chicken, so we substituted a pound of ground turkey. There is also barbecue sauce included in the meat mixture itself.

These grilled up really fast. They take about five minutes on each side, and get brushed on both sides with more barbecue sauce for finishing. 
Top with cheese and you’ve got yourself a super tasty alterna-burger.
I had to make my famous-to-me Spanish Potato Salad of course, and no cookout would be complete without grilled corn on the cob (topped with blue cheese butter). Mmm mmm good.


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