Life’s a Picnic

Most of the time anyway… it certainly was this long weekend as we celebrated the Memorial Day holiday. I love the Class Picnic Shirt pattern and I think it worked out really well in this brown and white fabric. Paired with “pearls” and a vintage ’80s rainbow heart necklace, it really is quite stylish, don’t you think?

I shortened the sleeves this time, although since I made a size too big, they’re still pretty much three-quarter length. Turtle wore this for some morning play time, and I think the roominess is a plus for running around outside.

My parents brought home a battery-powered John Deere Gator this weekend. The girls had an absolute blast driving that thing around. Only problem is, they don’t get the concept of steering. Fences, tables, shins – all were run into many times.

Turtle LOVES to swing, and I can get her to do almost anything with the promise of a trip to the playground. My parents were lucky enough to inherit a play set from some friends whose kids are all in college now (or about to be). She still likes the bucket swings best, although her feet drag the ground now. Sigh… it is moments like these that make me realize how fast she is growing up.


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