I have no qualms saying that I love these shorts and am pretty darn pleased with myself over them.

My inspiration came in the form of these beauties (surprisingly made by Gymboree of all places) that I found on Pinterest. By the way, was that website invented by someone whose goal was to make sure every woman in America became permanently glued to her computer screen? Because I think it’s working. (Case in point: in going to Pinterest to get that link, I just wasted 10 minutes and got sucked into a story about violinist Joshua Bell playing a $3.5 million violin in a DC metro station and no one noticing.)

Anyway, I loved the oversized tie and thought it would be fairly easy to add this to a pair of Puppet Show Shorts. First, I cut the waistband into two separate pieces. So far, so good. Then I cut two long pieces the same width as the waistband piece, sewed them into ties and sandwiched them in the waistband side seams, like so.

Because the ties are wider than the finished waistband, they fold over the waistband a little when they are attached on the sides. Honestly, I didn’t take this into account when I was planning, but it still worked out. When I do it again, I’ll make ties that are skinny on one end and gradually get wider.

I’d never made belt loops before; they’re a bit of a PITA. So small and fiddly. I probably did it completely wrong but they look good so I guess that’s all that matters. After a few pairs made more plainly, I went back to the gathered legs on these and am so glad I did. That’s such a precious detail.

I’m so in love with these that now I’m second guessing my other Pinterest shorts inspiration, this Crewcuts pair. Ties at the waist AND legs would surely be bow overload, right? I do love that they’ve used what looks to be satin in contrast to the shorts fabric. Decisions, decisions…


6 thoughts on “Inspirational

  1. These shorts look great! Yesterday, I almost started a pair of puppet show shorts based on the gymbo pair but couldn't decide what fabric to use so I ended up working on something else.:) And now I have a new pin/shorts inspiration with that jcrew pair (wasted a wee bit of time on pinterest this morning). I'm don't know how you did the belt loops but the Ottobre Design way is to fold a long strip of fabric in thirds lengthwise, stitch down on either side, then cut the belt loops from that at whatever length you need them to be.

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