Last Ones, I Promise

Don’t worry, I swear this the last pair of shorts you’ll see from me for the next month at least. I’ve made so many pairs of these I didn’t even open the instructions this time. I was inspired by this pair from J. Crew, which are knit, but I loved the little bows at the legs.

Since the Puppet Show Shorts are made with bias binding at the legs, I figured it would be easy enough to turn those into a casing for ties. So that’s what I did.

I used some peachy pink grosgrain ribbon, and even though they turned out pretty much as I’d imagined, I was ambivalent. It was something about the color of the ribbon that just wasn’t doing it for me.

So I swapped the peach out for red and I like them much better. They are crisper and more fun, I think, but since they are just passed through the casing (I made buttonholes to run them through) we can change them whenever the mood strikes.

So that’s it for me and shorts for the time being. I think we’re set.


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