We’re Crafty

I think there are two kinds of crafts in the world: the kind that come from the minds of actual artists and the people at Martha Stewart Living, and the kind that come from people who think it would be neat to use a ketchup lid as a “locket” for a pasta necklace. This is a tale of both of those kinds of crafts.

With DH out of town, Turtle and I have been enjoying lots of quality time with just us girls, and Wednesday we had a craft night. On the pasta necklace end, we made this super clever, not so super looking sandwich holder. The inspiration is this much cuter version I found via Pinterest. I have no idea what the source blog says, but I actually do take a sandwich to work for lunch pretty much every day of my life and I had an empty milk jug, so I thought, why not?

And, ta da!

Yeah, not exactly Martha Stewart material. I think milk jugs must be different wherever this person is. I’m sure if I could read Spanish I could have gotten some tips. As it was, I just winged it. But you know, I still think it’s an awesome idea and something that I really do need. Since we walk to work, my sandwich goes into my purse and then shoved into the basket under the stroller so this little holder will protect much better than parchment paper.

And look, I really used it!

On the other end of the spectrum, it seems like button monograms are everywhere. I’ve seen so many around the web, but one particular multi-colored C caught my eye. Turtle has a thing with button decorating. Back in February I thought it would be cool to add buttons to our Valentines, and now she thinks that all drawing MUST include buttons too. So she was thrilled with this little activity.

All I did was print an enormous (500-point) Garamond G on a piece of paper. I printed it at about 20% saturation so that it was barely visible. Then, I outlined the G with glue and filled in the middle, exactly like frosting a cookie. What resulted was a pretty gluey G:

But after drying overnight and getting a nice frame, it looks darn near Martha-worthy.

Don’t you love how a good ol’ IKEA frame can make anything look like art?


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