Happy Father’s Day!

What do you get a father who refuses to give you any gift suggestions? Why, alcohol and cookies of course.

DH is the worst gift receiver in the world, because he truly doesn’t want anything. He will never tell me anything he would like to receive, and any time I come up with something I think is totally rad, (vintage safety razor?), he shoots it down, not because he’s spoiled or picky, he just really doesn’t want me getting him anything. But I know that bourbon and sugar cookies are always welcome. This sugar cookie recipe is absolutely the best ever. They are perfectly chewy and the last step of rolling them in coarse sugar takes them over the top. 

That lovely wrapped package is Jefferson’s Reserve small batch bourbon from Ansley Wine Merchants. I really wanted a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, but the guy said that every time he gets a shipment, people are there to literally take it out of his hand as he opens the case. I guess that’s not surprising considering it’s the world’s number-one bourbon. The card is from a sweet set of Father’s Day printables from Love Party Printables, found via How About Orange.

Now, at our other Father’s Day celebration, it was an homage to dude food, including BBQ pulled pork, pizza, slaw, onion rings and these Cookie Dough Brownies. While they were good, they weren’t great, due for the most part I think to too much sugar. I know, you can’t believe I said that.

But really, there is A LOT of sugar in both the brownie and the cookie parts, leading to an overly sweet concoction that even I wanted to tone down. But really, nothing that includes this incredible substance could be bad, right? That’s a Lindt chocolate bar – I like chunks much better than bagged chips.

If I make these again, I’ll use my best brownie recipe (Ina Garten’s) and my best chocolate chip cookie recipe (from the New York Times cookbook) instead of following this one. This is not to say that I didn’t have my fair share of these cavity-inducing treats. I love the idea, and especially love the clever trick of serving them in cupcake wrappers for ease of eating.

Hope everyone had an excellent Father’s Day! Our next cooking extravaganza is only two weeks away (get out your red, white and blue!) and I’ve already got a list going…


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