The Celebration Skirt

Well, I made it through the first week, thank goodness. The challenge was “patriotism,” so I went with a stenciled and appliqued skirt to celebrate the Fourth.

There are tons of tutorials out there for freezer paper stenciling. I will tell you that it does NOT work with parchment or any other kind of paper. You have to get freezer paper that can be ironed onto the fabric, else you’ll end up with this kind of very homemade looking paint job. Oh well, don’t think this skirt will be worn again anyway except for dress-up.

The appliqued stars are very easy – I just cut out my shapes and used a small zig-zag stitch to attach them. All straight lines – definitely the way to go. I starched the crap out of them before hand so they were nice and stiff, therefore easier to work with. To make the skirt, I just cut a rectangle the width of double Turtle’s waist measurement and long enough to reach her knees (adding in a few inches for the waistband and hem). I made a simple casing for the elastic on top, and that’s it. Took maybe 15 minutes.

This is definitely not something I would make “on my own” – just not a red-white-and-blue kind of girl – but it came out okay. She wore it for much of the day yesterday and slept in it last night. I’d say that’s a success. 

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