Food and Fun on the Fourth

I was so disappointed this morning not to go straight from pajamas to bathing suit. That’s really the only way to live. I took an extra day off for the holiday weekend, so we had four straight days of doing not much of anything except eating, drinking and swimming. Happy birthday America!

This is how it went down:

playing dress-up

starting the day out right

perfecting cocktail recipes

matching aviators

turtle’s first french braid

proper gear is essential

first “jumps” off the diving board

corn dip

sweet faces, however temporary

jacques torres’ chocolate chip cookies

eating cake batter

nothing says patriotism like cupcakes

go braves!

We ate slow-cooker pulled pork, cole slaw, hamburgers, barbecue chicken, fettucine with pesto, and made two tries at these taco baked potato chips. They were tasty, but totally not worth the effort. They require flipping every five minutes for at least 25 minutes. That’s a lot of hands-on time only to end up with 20 little chips. I like the idea though, so next time will just use taco seasoning on quartered potatoes.

I didn’t think that the Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies were as good as Amanda Hesser’s recipe I made this winter. Of course, his recipe calls for pastry and cake flours and I did not go to that much effort.

As usual, I ended the weekend heavier than I started it, but isn’t that what holidays are all about?


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