Walk on the Wild Side

I’m still “in” at One Month to Win It, avoiding the dreaded Auf Wiedersehen for another week. This week’s theme was animal, and I decided to walk on the wide side and do something a little more boy-centric. 

I found some friendly dinosaur and toothy shark coloring pages online and printed them, then traced onto tracing paper with a fabric transfer marker. You put the marked tracing paper face down on the shirt and iron.  I usually have to make a few passes with the iron to get the entire design to transfer completely, but I like that the marks don’t transfer very darkly. Then I use an embroidery needle and and two (doubled) strands of floss to sew right over the design.

These designs were made with simple straight stitches, a precious few satin stitches and French knots. It can be time consuming, but done in front of Modern Family or maybe on a road trip (while someone else is driving obviously), is a relaxing little project. I use this awesome quilting “hoop” that is actually a square that my MIL gave me to keep the fabric taut.



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