Jumping Roping

Turtle hasn’t mastered the art of jump roping just yet. Last night she took a USB cord and stood with it behind her knees and proclaimed, “I’m jumping roping!” Eh, I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

I really wasn’t sold on the Jump Rope Dress. I had the pattern for quite some time, but there was something about it that always said “Little House on the Prairie” to me. I don’t know why; there are some amazing versions in the Flickr pool. But I was finally spurred into action by Gail’s candy-stripe version, and in fact, I immediately went online to look for some of that fabric (not easy to find, btw). In the meantime, I decided to try my first Jump Rope with the Skipping Square motif that is part of the uber-popular Sherbet Pips line.

Turtle immediately declared that she did not like it, so I didn’t even try to make her model it. Le sigh. That kid – sometimes I think she will be the death of me. In any case, I love the dress. The collar didn’t come together as well as I’d hoped, but not in a noticeable way. It would have been easily fixed were I not in a lazy mood at the time.

I love the sash. And the sleeve cuffs, with buttons.

I initially chose different red buttons at the store, but when the dress came together I realized they were FAR too big and looked like clown buttons. So I dug these up from my button stash and I think they are perfect. I love the pops of color against the cool blue.

Now if I can just get someone to wear this thing…


8 thoughts on “Jumping Roping

  1. Wow, it's seriously gorgeous. Those buttons really are perfect, they look like candy! I'd love to see it modeled if she ever changes her mind, but I feel your pain – I get major resistance for everything I make. I've taken to just hanging things out on display šŸ™‚

  2. This is gorgeous – I love the colour combo – doesn't it break your heart when they won't wear stuff – for my girls it's pants of any variety… dresses – all good.

  3. @Nicole, thanks so much! That is such a nice thing to say! :)There may be some movement on the whole "wearing it" front – this morning she asked to wear it to school. Unfortunately, today is pajama day so hopefully she'll still be into it on Monday.

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