Cate’s Dress

Although it’s wonderful when someone obligated to be nice to you, a family member for instance, compliments your sewing, I think it’s even more awesome when someone with no nicety requirements admires your work. Quite a while ago, I made an Ice Cream Dress for my niece. Over the July 4th holiday, a long-time friend told my sister-in-law how much she liked the dress, and upon hearing that I had made it, asked me to make one for her daughter as well. Now that will perk up your day.

My only parameters were that she liked anything in the blue family, so I made some “mock ups” of color combinations,

Kona cotton in gray, Valori Wells Wrenly voile in Wildflower Cobalt
I Heart by Rashida Coleman Hale Super Solid in blue and Squiggle linen blend in blue
Kona cotton in gray, Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey Play Dot in blue gray

  and this Modern Workshop combo was the winner:

Once I had the pieces cut out, I started second guessing those two patterns together. But sure enough, once the dress came together they worked beautifully.


I chose a vintage blue fabric-colored button for the closure.

I think it’s darling and I hope Cate and her mom think so too!


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