Paper Dolls, Redux

If there was one thing I didn’t count on when I thought about being a parent, it was how many stickers would end up on my clothes, walls, car and every other belonging. Turtle is a sticker fiend, but I’m always a little disappointed because as soon as you stick the sticker, the fun is over.

We got this packet of Melissa & Doug doll stickers last year in preparation for a road trip. They are super cute, and I wanted to figure out a way to show them off. So after assembling our dolls and their outfits on construction paper, I cut them out and strung them up with some twine.

Unfortunately, this did involve a little cranial surgery.

Each page of the book features a different clothing theme, from pajamas to dance wear to party dresses. They’re so cute all lined up.

Ah, it’s the simple things.


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