Deja Vu All Over Again

No, you’re not dreaming. I made almost this exact same dress last year. Unfortunately, it was not only snug the minute I put it on her, the cheapo pink accent fabric basically disintegrated in the wash. I still had so much of that IKEA print left though, and I have been put on a very strict budget because I am not what you might call “frugal.”

The haze in this photo is due to the EXTREME heat and humidity that wreaked havoc with my camera lens. We had some rain this weekend that mostly served to turn the city into one big sauna.

I forgot how quick this dress is to make. I managed to get it all done while Turtle napped on Sunday. She has been waking up at the crack of dawn and was actually so exhausted, she told me she was tired and laid down on her bed of her own accord.

Maybe one day I’ll make something with this fabric that doesn’t result in this poor duck being mutilated. He’s a good sport.


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