My Little Model

Sometimes I look at Turtle and am simply amazed at what a big girl she is. She has always been very verbal, and now that she is almost 3, can pretty much carry on in conversation like any adult. She has also developed little idiosyncrasies of conversation. In response to questions, she says things like, “Well, you know, we just went to the park.” And she has started inserting “really” into everything. For example, “Mom, how do you REALLY sew?”

And yesterday when I asked her to model her new Ruffled Halter, she really got into character. I guess this is what happens when your mother is constantly taking your picture. Andrew asked me to estimate how many photos I have taken of her, and because I was always in last place in that guess-how-many-jelly-beans-are-in-the-jar game, the closest I can come is “thousands.” Several thousand. Get ready Elite, you have a new client on the way.

This was my first Ruffled Halter (yeah, only a year late) and the fabric is absolutely divine. It’s a voile from Valerie Wells called Berries in turquoise. It was kind of a pain to sew, just because it is so “filmy,” but I will probably end up ordering several more yards of her other prints. I did get another print that will become a Class Picnic Blouse. Don’t be surprised if everything I make for the next several months is voile.


4 thoughts on “My Little Model

  1. How funny you were making a ruffled halter at the same time. This really suits her and is nicely done. I'm a voile fanatic too. I don't even mind adding linings. three is a fun age. They say so many silly things! Mine has taken to saying "well, you know mom…" or "mom, I have some really exciting/sad news…" before everything.

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