Hanging Onto Summer

I have had these Class Picnic Shorts in the “works in progress” basket for quite some time now. I finally got to them when we returned from our beach trip, and I’m even more enamored with this pattern than I was the first time around. That facing is just so cute and clever.

I used the Pink Squiggle fabric from Rashida Coleman Hale’s “I Heart” collection. It’s a linen-cotton blend and just wonderful to sew. It comes in a gorgeous turquoise too that I “need” to have. The pink solid is from the same collection so it matches perfectly. I love it when designers do that.

I used my new favorite notion, buttonhole elastic, for the back waistband. I learned with the first pair that the buttons really need to be larger than you think so they don’t slip out of the holes and then your kid’s teachers hate you because her shorts are constantly falling off.

Next up on the list is another Class Picnic Blouse and then maybe I will finally get around to the Family Reunion Dress. None too soon either, as the new fall patterns are out in two weeks. Fall? It’s 90-plus-degrees around here, and since our warm weather continues well into October/November, it’s still a foreign concept to me. I’m much more drawn to summer styles anyway and my interest is rarely piqued by coats and such. Oh well, time marches on.


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