The New Old School

This is Pirkie. She belonged to Andrew’s grandmother, who passed away earlier this summer. The circumstances of Pirkie coming to my house are sad, but I am so honored to have her. I like to think that Mimi was proud to have a granddaughter-in-law who is carrying on the sewing tradition.

She is a Husqvarna, and a total 180 from my current Singer machine as far as controls and such. What I love about her is that she has numerical stitch lengths. She also has something called a Perfectly Balanced Buttonhole feature, which I hope does a better job than my current machine. With that one, it’s easier just to do buttonholes manually. And that my friends is a pain in the arse.

Along with Pirkie, we (okay I) brought home several other household and kitchen items last weekend. Everyone laughed at me because I said I didn’t need anything for the kitchen, then returned from the basement with an armload of stuff. Sometimes you just have to see it to realize you “need” it.

Turtle is so very excited about the globe. She loves spinning it, pointing and asking me what this place is. The first time it took me forever to figure out India – she had it upside down.

I’ve already used the potato masher and the slotted spoon. See, I did need those.

Do I make biscuits? No, but I could.

This is an Argus camera in its leather case. I can’t wait to take some pictures with it. I hope I remember how to put the film in.

I love that these items will get to carry on their usefulness with my family. They were amassed over a lifetime of building a home and I’m proud to be connected to that.


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