We spent our family vacation this year on Georgia’s Tybee Island. We usually travel to the Gulf for vacation, but since several family members are in South Carolina, Tybee was a midway location. It was great, but I definitely missed that gleaming white Gulf sand, and my shaved ice from Frost Bites.

The house was built about 100 years ago and fully renovated in the early 2000s. The women of my family are suckers for historic details.

The house has an amazing screened-in porch. In the “old days,” this would have been the site of 2am card and drinking games. Now…

They *are* learning how to fetch the drinks though.

Georgia’s beaches are very wide and flat. Perfect for kids and games.

Apparently this is “surfing”:

We had lots of fun, even if our beach week is much more subdued than it used to be. Late nights have made way for (very) early mornings, but that’s okay. Already waiting for next year.


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