Practice Makes Perfect

I asked Turtle last week what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday (which is on Thanksgiving Day this year). She said purple with strawberries, and then asked where the cake was. Three year olds don’t really grasp the concept of planning I guess. So I promised her we’d make a cake this weekend.

We ditched the strawberries for star-shaped sprinkles. When I finished frosting it, I thought it was the ugliest cake I’d ever seen. Lavender isn’t a particularly flattering frosting color. But it’s growing on me.

I used Sweetapolita’s Classic Vanilla Butter Cake recipe, topped with her Cream Cheese Frosting. I’ve made a lot of cream cheese frostings, and I think this is my favorite.

The cake is dense but light thanks to the addition of meringue. I like LOTS of frosting and this recipe was more than enough to cover my cake. I may have eaten some of the left overs with a spoon.

We had a blast baking together. Turtle loved the sifting and the dumping of dry ingredients into the mixer. She did drop an egg on the floor, and immediately told me how much she loved me. They learn fast.


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