Pinterest: It’s Not Just for Making You Feel Inadequate Anymore

It’s been several months now that I have been on the Pinterest bandwagon. I use it mostly these days as a virtual cookbook and to remember sewing ideas. There are so many beautiful spaces and out-of-reach ideas cataloged there, that much of the time it’s just another medium to make you feel inadequate. Or maybe that’s just me.

But I’ve had one idea pinned for a while that I thought even I could do. I like to think of myself as handy, mostly because of my long history of watching shows like The New Yankee Workshop and This Old House. Watching it on TV of course does not translate into real life, especially when you add my impatience. But I am pretty good with a drill.

Now the second layer of this story is that my kitchen is really small, although most of the time I actually like that. I have everything I need right there and don’t have to criss-cross the room all the time when I’m cooking. One aspect that super sucked though was the pot and pan situation. If I wanted the pasta pot, I had to first take every other pot and pan out of the cabinet so I could reach it. My cookware has been the brunt of many scratches and scrapes because I just got tired of trying to keep it neat. Enter the pegboard pot rack.

If there’s one thing I’ve become good at, it’s finding storage. And when you don’t have it, you just have to make it.

This sad little section of my kitchen has long been earmarked as the location of a pot rack. But I just never pulled the trigger on buying one. When I saw this image it all came together.

We started with a rectangular frame of 1x4s that we attached to the wall for support, and to set the pegboard away from the wall to allow the hooks to go in.

I painted the frame and the pegboard in the turquoise paint left over from my bathroom. The pegboard came in 2×6-foot sheets at our Home Depot, which was the perfect size, and we had them cut the frame boards to be just a bit smaller than that 2×6 footprint.

Andrew made sure to get the correct screws; I am notorious for skimping on details like this, resulting in shelves crashing to the floor. Really that only happened once but he won’t let me forget it.

I can’t even tell you how pleased I am with my new pot rack. I even found a place for that dang pasta pot. Andrew insisted we get some of the super long hooks, even though I didn’t think I’d use them. Again, I was wrong. Now I can not only put the pasta pot on there, I have retail-inspired storage for biscuit cutters, measuring spoons and all sorts of things.

I freed up a little space in the cabinet, but most importantly won’t have to take everything out to get one item. That empty cabinet will soon be home to dog food storage, solving another small dwelling problem: the ugly plastic container that sits in my dining room.

Now I just need to get to the grocery store and put this stuff to use.


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