"fancy" calzone

If you hadn’t noticed, I made a concerted effort to eat only home-cooked meals this week. We had been eating far too many burritos lately (both regular and spicy). Yesterday Turtle and I put together a very delicious calzone using dough from the pizza counter at our grocery store. That is such a super idea – it makes homemade pizza infinitely easier and is light years ahead of the stuff that comes in a tube.

One half had only pancetta and mozzarella, but MY half (the good half) had goat cheese and olives too. Turtle thinks she doesn’t like olives and I can’t get her to try them. I know she’d love them because she loves all things salty and vinegary, just like me. The two of use can finish a bag of salt-and-vinegar potato chips faster than anyone you know.

The instructions I followed had a fancy technique of cutting the dough to create a criss-cross pattern. Mine was a little wonky because I went heavy on the filling and didn’t leave much room at the sides.

 But that’s okay. I’d rather have filling oozing out than a pretty product any day.

And ooze it did. I thought I floured the baking sheet enough but alas, this thing was stuck like nobody’s business. Oh well, I totally got it off of there, albeit with a lot of elbow grease.

Our meal wasn’t entirely  homemade though.

Turtle has been asking for doughnuts for at least a week, and who I am to argue with that?

The box is SIGNIFICANTLY less full this morning.


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