corn, goat cheese and carmelized onion quesadillas

Continuing our week of homemade-only foods, Friday was quesadilla night over here. The recipe calls for roasting fresh corn, but sadly, that ship has sailed in this part of the country. So we had to settle for frozen.

I absolutely loathe onions, but (surprise, surprise) there is something about reducing them to a mushy mess and sprinkling on a little sugar that makes them just right. They’re great on bruschetta or mashed potatoes.

To prep these quesadillas, just coat your pan with a little oil, add a tortilla and top with jack cheese, corn, carmelized onions and goat cheese. Add another tortilla on top, let the cheese get appropriately melty and there you go.

My family wasn’t as enamored with these as I was, due mostly to the fact that they are not as goat cheese-obsessed. Oh well, more for me.


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