A Farewell Gift

My Turtle’s best friend is moving next week, and Friday is his last day at school. I knew I wanted to get him something “to remember us by” that wasn’t just some throw-away toy, and my mom suggested a personalized item for his room. I went straightaway to Etsy but was afraid anything I commissioned wouldn’t be ready in time. Enter, the DIY gift.

I simply made this up in Microsoft Word, adding a blue background, and printed it on card stock. A white, matted frame completed the look. I was pleased as punch when told that the teachers and admins thought it came from Pottery Barn.

I signed Turtle’s name for her on the front with our signature heart. Around the time I was in 9th grade, my sister, a painter, made a picture with a sort of abstract heart. It wasn’t long before I had painted it on my ceiling, and at some point I started adding it to my signature on letters and cards. If you have received any signed correspondence from me in the past 15 years or so, it more than likely included this heart. And now it’s Turtle’s as well.

I had her draw something to put on the back, and this is her version of a stick figure. Those lines coming from his head are both his ears and hair. She’s something, that one.

I’m sad to see Sam and his family go. Even sadder that these two will likely forget all about each other in no time. Maybe they will meet again one day on campus at Brown or MIT.

PS – Fonts are Modern No. 20 for the S and Century Gothic for the remainder of the text.


2 thoughts on “A Farewell Gift

  1. I don't know why, but this post has me all a mess. Tears, I tell ya! I just hate that they won't remember each other!! Btw, I have many signature hearts! 😉

  2. Me too… I'm told that Andrew had several friends who moved when he was very little and he still remembers them so hopefully she gets his memory instead of mine.

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