white cheddar chicken pasta

We made a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden Saturday to participate in their Frogs, Frogs, Frogs class (clever name, eh?) with a school friend of Turtle’s. I have always liked frogs and am the first to pick one up to get a good look at it. I must admit being a little put off by this monster though:

The picture doesn’t do him justice; he is really big. Turtle didn’t want to touch him either and I gladly said that was a-okay.

The class and garden visit were a rousing success and Turtle was asleep in her stroller literally within two minutes of leaving the place. She slept for three hours that afternoon, so I had a huge block of unfettered time to make (and leisurely eat) a nice lunch.

This is White Cheddar Chicken Pasta, and as the name implies it is a simple dish of creamy cheese sauce, chicken and rotini. My only adjustment was to add salt – I know, I will regret my love of salt soon enough. I can’t help it.

It was the perfect dish for a weekend lunch. Made from scratch but not too complicated. This one’s definitely going in the rotation.


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