not what i had in mind

When I chose the location of Turtle’s third birthday party as what we refer to as a “jumpy place,” one of those warehouses full of inflatables, I knew she wouldn’t be wearing anything fancy. I mean, hurtling yourself down a 20-foot inflatable slide doesn’t exactly lend itself to skirts and dresses. So I went for a Sailboat Top & Pants.

I let Turtle pick out the main fabric, an activity in which she had extremely little interest. I should have narrowed her choices. Should have chosen a few bolts and laid them out on the table. Instead, I just directed her to one wall of the store and asked which one she liked. She picked the dogs and ran away.

I love dogs. I am that crazy dog lady. And this particular dog fabric is very cute and certainly not something you’d see on a caftan. But it’s not what I had in mind for a birthday outfit. Nevertheless I kept my promise in the name of encouraging self expression.

This was first my first Sailboat Top and I loved making it. I chose some red knot buttons to pick up on the balls the dogs are chasing.

To balance out the busy shirt I chose some periwinkle blue for the pants.

Although the buttons are functional, Turtle can get the pants out without undoing them. Which is always a plus. And because they’re cropped, I think they’ll be perfect for the jumpy place.

There is still the matter of a holiday, Santa-visit dress and I’ll definitely be in charge of those details.


2 thoughts on “not what i had in mind

  1. I love it! It could be worse, I made a pink camo hopscotch top for my almost 4 year old. Not my first choice but I am committed to not buying any fabric this month and I am burning through my stash and scraps. The pink camo fabric is from a top I made my older daughter. After I made it and tried it on, I kinda liked it.

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