better in theory

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about pumpkin carving in 33 years, it’s that appropriate tools are a MUST.

That small curved knife (which I suppose is meant for fileting fish? Knife-savvy readers please chime in…) is sharp as all get-out, and perfect for the detail work. The big chef’s knife does the job in taking a circle out of the top, and the serrated steak does the bulk of the carving work. My vintage ice cream scoop, with its beveled edge, is perfect for scraping out the “guts.”

Now, if there’s one more thing I’ve learned about pumpkin carving, it’s that it’s one of those things that always sounds like more fun than it really is. Every year I set out to create some intricate work of art, only to get frustrated and bored. When my little traditionalist told me she wanted just a face on our jack o’ lantern, I did NOT argue.

She was of very little help. One handful of guts pulled from the pumpkin and she was done, as seen above.

I used sidewalk chalk to mark my design. It wipes right off.

Et voila. Done in less than 30 minutes with no cursing.


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