bison chili

I only recently discovered the wonders of “chili starter.” I’m not usually one to cook from a box or jar, but when it comes to chili I’ve always taken the easy way out. In the past I’ve used the spice packets, but this method is even easier than that.

We hosted a few family members for dinner last night for a build-your-own baked potato bar and the chili was one of the topping choices. Here’s how I did it:

2 pounds ground bison (or beef, or turkey)
16-ounce jar chili starter (I use the Tobasco brand)
15-ounce can chili beans, drained
about 8 ounces beer
6 ounces tomato paste

Brown the meat. Dump the rest of the stuff in. Yeah, it’s difficult.

Bison is of course more expensive than beef, but it’s so good. I’m also told it has less fat and fewer calories. The beer I used was left over from a brother-in-law’s visit a while back and though it lent a lovely taste to the chili, it was a little too “wheaty” for my taste for drinking. The face on the front also scares me a little bit.

Of course baked potatoes would not be complete without bacon bits. I know all things pork are somewhat passe in the food world now, but come on – bacon tastes good.


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