on baking

You know what I love? Cake. Maybe even more than eating it though, I love making it. I love that such a wonderful treat results from such humble ingredients.

We celebrated Stella’s third birthday yesterday since her actual birthday is on Thanksgiving day this year. That makes for some challenging scheduling as people leave town for the holiday. Saturday morning we started on her birthday cake, which she decided should be purple. After my practice run a while back, we decided to go with purple cake and white frosting instead of the other way around. Purple frosting just isn’t very appetizing. I also chose a different cake recipe since that one was too dense for my taste.

To top it off of course there was cream cheese frosting. I mean, buttercream is okay and everything but to me cream cheese is the pinnacle of frostings. I don’t usually do “decorated” cakes so the fact that it doesn’t hold up well over a long time period doesn’t really matter to me.

Stella was so excited to help. She loves measuring cups and pouring things into the mixer.
That’s 24 ounces of cream cheese. Since I made three layers instead of two, I multiplied the recipe by 50 percent.
I made the bunting with paper, string and bamboo skewers. It was Stella’s favorite part of the whole process. 
Having eaten three slices yesterday, I can vouch that this lovely cake was also quite delicious.


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