After receiving loads of awesome birthday presents this weekend, Stella has been focused on one thing: the Play-Doh. My in-laws gave her a “cake baking” station and I agree that it is pretty cool. My OCD flares up when colors start mixing, so it’s a good exercise for me in letting go.

But frankly the real reason for this post is that I finally got a new external camera flash so that I can take photos in our dungeon of a house and I am so happy about it.

I was particularly proud of this “Reese’s peanut butter cup” I made.

My little Turtle does look like an orphan after a day at school. We are also having quite a time with cold-weather clothes. She is a summer girl through and through, so every morning is a battle. Of all the things that concern me, her clothing choices are not one of them. She can wear a Batman costume every day for all I care. But one does need to dress appropriately for the weather. I think I’m going to have to take all the summer items out of the house.

Any other tips are greatly appreciated…


3 thoughts on “favorite

  1. Oh play-doh – it is hard to let go when the colors start mixing!Charlotte has recently really gotten into dressing herself. I fill up her drawer with pant and shirt separates that are weather appropriate – then I just let her have it. She picks whatever she wants and doesn't complain! So far that's worked for us.

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