You know what sucks about 3 year olds? They totally overreact to insignificant shit. You know what’s awesome about 3 year olds though? Same thing.

Turtle was very distressed to leave my in-laws on Sunday and bring our first holiday celebration to a close. She’d been cuddling a minky blanket that belongs to a cousin most of the afternoon and as a pacifier I promised we’d make our own. When we got to the fabric store, she instead picked out two colors of super cheap fleece that I promptly sewed up into a little blanket.

I bought half a yard of each and did nothing to them except to “true up” the edges. The resulting blanket is long and skinny, but for a 3 year old, it fits just right.

My total cost for the blanket was somewhere around $6. I sewed the two pieces together with rounded corners and leaving a little gap to turn it right side out. After trimming the edges I topstitched all the way round.

Not wanting to “quilt” the two layers, I just tied some little knots to keep them from shifting too badly along the way.

I embroidered initials on one corner using my awesomesauce embroidery skills. I really need to work on that.

Derp. Doing that after the fact left an ugly mess on the other side. No worries, applique a heart on there.

She was over the moon about it.


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