school photo holiday dress

I finally had a chance to take a few decent pictures of  Holiday Dress 2011.

I omitted the kangaroo pocket, even though it’s one of the great design elements of this elegant little dress. Since this is so occasion-specific, I figured that a pocket would never be used and it cut out probably a third of the work time due to the fact that putting it together requires such precise cutting and stitching.

I love the polka dots that Turtle chose for the accent. I think their small scale, and the use of bright pink and pale yellow, keep it from looking too “Christmas cartoon.” She did initially choose Grinch fabric though, so don’t go thinking her tastes are improving just yet.

Can you tell what my major gaffe with the lining was? Yup, I cut one piece backwards, such that I had to install it wrong side out. I have been trying to buy specific quantities of fabric so I won’t have so much “waste,” but this was one instance I wished I had included more wiggle room. Oh well, another one of those things no one will ever see.

The contrast stitching I did on the sleeve cuffs really bothers me. But I decided not to go to the trouble of doing it over. It doesn’t bother me THAT much.


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