the tree

We got our tree bright and early this year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. As usual, we visited the middle school down the street where the PTA hosts a tree lot as a yearly fundraiser. We were there when they opened and picked our tree in record time. No hemming and hawing about size and girth; Andrew chose it and the guy threw it in the back of the truck.

Stella and I made a quick shopping trip to get a tree topper, which I’ve never used before. We also had to get colored lights, at her insistence.

The tree topper is lovely, but he leans left. Makes the whole tree look lopsided.

So far, Stella’s broken two ornaments. With the carnage she inflicted last time, along my own oopsies, that makes several mementos lost over the past few years. I need to catch up. Last year, I got this amazing purple bird. Well, I think she’s amazing.

Pier 1 is selling them again this season so I think I’ll get another one. And never one to turn down the sparkly, Stella chose this one:

Between the colored lights and the glitter, Goble Tree 2011 is quite a sight. I think this is her best angle:

I’ve gotten the bulk of my shopping done and just need to work with Santa on Stella’s gifts. One thing she’ll be getting from me is a Snow White Wee Wonderfuls doll to go with the castle she asked Santa to bring. Considering my history with making toys, it should be interesting. If your idea of interesting involves a copious amount of cursing.


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