"little things" tutu

Let’s face it, there are a lot of tutus out there. An Etsy search came up with almost 45,000 results this morning. The unfortunate thing is, though, that most of them are ugly. I mean, really ugly. They epitomize that saccharine, overly embellished style that includes headbands with bows four times the size of the baby’s head. I hate this.

But I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that my daughter is a girly girl. She likes bows, and ruffles, and the color pink. She refuses to wear sneakers, even Toms. Even when the Toms are pink. I thought surely those would become her favorite shoes. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So one of the main reasons that I got Little Things to Sew was the tutu. It is everything my girly girl likes … but it’s also beautiful.

photo by Laurie Frankel, via Oliver + S

I love the styling of the sample in the book – it’s pink, but muted. A lovely rose shade with peachy, yellow accents. And that bronze-y, mustard yellow ribbon kicks the elegance up even further. I’ve meant to make one for a while and Christmas seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The top layer is peach, not pink, which just doesn’t come across in photos. It’s so pretty – I confess to putting it on and twirling around in front of the mirror.

Instead of elastic, like most other tutus, this one has a ribbon-tie closure that wraps around, like an apron. I used chocolate brown satin.

There are five different layers of tulle, and since the pieces are 108 inches long, it’s a bit of a challenge to wrangle it all into place. I am making two of these, so I had a total of 15 yards of tulle strewn about my bedroom. The book suggests enlisting a helper to put the layers in place, but I managed by using really heavy glass candle holders as weights.

The construction means that this tutu is reversible; I put the pinkier pink on the other side. Some folks have had trouble finding tulle in 108-inch widths – I found mine at fabric.com. And at $1.98 a yard, you can afford to go all out.

So that’s my most recent girly girl compromise. I hope it works out better than the Toms.


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