brown paper packages, tied up with string

I’d like to think that I’m at least somewhat of an environmentalist. I walk to work instead of drive eight months of the year, I’m an avid recycler and we only use cloth napkins. The one thing I can’t reconcile is my love of wrapping paper. It’s an enormous waste, I know it – so many resources devoted to something with a temporary purpose that will end up in the trash. I can’t help it though, I’m a sucker for a creatively wrapped gift.

I went to the store with the intent of buying brown Kraft paper, but even a couple weeks ago when I first started wrapping, they were already out. But next to that sad little empty shelf were rolls of white Kraft paper. Seeing as how I’m totally not patient enough to wait until the brown is restocked, or go to another store, I snagged it.
I also snagged this awesome green and red striped yarn. I love simple wrapping, so most of the presents are just wrapped several times with the yarn with a name tag tied on. I had seen some images of pom-poms via Pinterest though and wanted to try my hand at those. 
First, I did it my way. Wah, wah, wah.
There, that’s better. The examples are a lot fluffier; my yarn is pretty thin and more like twine. 
Stella added her own spin to some of the packages. Lucky Jonah, a present AND original artwork.
With that, my holiday shopping is pretty much complete. I have a couple little things to pick up, and I’m making edible gifts for coworkers next week. I also need to make a pair of pajamas. Okay, so maybe I have more to do than I thought. 

3 thoughts on “brown paper packages, tied up with string

  1. Just when you think you're done…LOL! I like the way the presents look with the white craft paper and yarn + pom poms. I haven't even started wrapping the bought presents yet. I think I'll be enlisting help from my husband for that.

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