crackle cookies

Every year, I bake treats for coworkers instead of purchasing gifts. I figure they have enough “stuff,” and everyone appreciates something yummy to eat, right? What are the holidays for if not to gain 10 pounds?

This year I had grand plans to make granola, but after really thinking about what would be involved (lots of active baking time, lots of ingredients to buy) I opted for chocolate crackle cookies instead. It was a good move. Stella and I had a blast making them, creating quite the mess, and everyone in the office had a grand breakfast this morning.

How did I ever bake without parchment paper? Because these cookies are meant to stay soft and fudgy, I slid the paper off the baking sheets onto the counter for them to cool instead of putting them onto racks. Plus, cleanup involves crumpling up paper and putting the baking sheet back in the cabinet. No brainer.

I doubled the recipe since I had about 15 people to distribute them to and I wanted to give everyone a decent number of cookies.

My sous chef thoroughly enjoyed her role of dumping in ingredients and licking the beater. She was disappointed that we used whole eggs, since her favorite baking task is separating out the yolks with her hands.

Of course, we had to make a few with sprinkles. They’re not as pretty, but I can attest that they were just as tasty.


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