sleepover pjs, and the only way to shop

To the annals of “things I’ve made that my kid will never wear” I recently added the adorable Sleepover Pajamas. I did manage to convince her to model them for some photos.

I used two awesome polka dot flannels I found on It was thick and soft and oh so great to work with. The headquarters are just down the road from us in Marietta, so I can order and usually receive my fabrics within two days – for the mother of a 3-year-old it’s really an excellent way to shop. 

I love the ruffle details – they are girly without being over the top, which as you know is just my thing.

We styled them with our new Ugg boots – the only pair I’ve found that were cute but still reasonably priced. Stella is of course famous for only wearing pink and/or sparkly shoes, so I made her promise she would wear these without complaining. They were ordered from Zappos, which is another of my favorite online retailers. Shipping is always free and they are so fast.

She only wears a select few items to sleep in, so I knew going in that these pajamas would probably be very rarely worn. She prefers to sleep in cheap Target gowns and bathing suits. I don’t argue since she is like a space heater and it would have to be quite cold for this flannel set to be comfortable for her.

Stella received her very own camera from my sister as a Christmas gift, and it’s been used every day. The picture quality is not great, but we never print photos anyway. Just seeing the image on the back tickles her to no end. We’re enjoying our last day out of work today; tomorrow’s going to be tough. Happy 2012!


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