traveler, version 2.0

After my first Traveler dress experience, this one was like a vacation. Using Cloud 9’s Splinters, it came together quite quickly.

Unfortunately it will be a couple of weeks before I can wear it. The holidays, er, the last few months, have added some “bulk” to my figure. I made this to my usual size though, instead of my current one.

I adore this fabric. Actually I love most all the prints Cloud 9 does. And it’s organic, so that’s cool.

Man, this dress has a lot of buttons. I thought I would be making buttonholes forever.

I can’t wait to wear it because I love how it turned out. I need to try the other Lisette tops too; there are so many cool versions in the Flickr pool. First though, I’m going to do the Colette Peony dress with Jay McCarroll’s Drop Cloth fabric. I’m going to order some fabric today to do a muslin first, which is quite unusual for me. That Drop Cloth is just too delicious to mess up. And now that I think about it, I need it in the other colors as well…


6 thoughts on “traveler, version 2.0

  1. The drop cloth is special.I use it in pimple last summer for baby clothes. You really must do a muslin of peony * and* read her book. Colette patterns require a lot of work to fit.

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