no-boil pasta bake

Him: What is the flavoring in here?
Me: What do mean “flavoring?” It’s pasta.
Him: It has a very strong … flavor.

And that’s when I knew he wasn’t digging it. I personally don’t know what there is not to like: noodles, tomatoes, garlic, milk, cheese. Baked and topped with bread crumbs and herbs.

The kicker is that the noodles go in un-boiled, so it’s super quick and easy to assemble. I think my dear husband’s hesitation came from the herb-y topping – you could easily halve the volume of herbs there, or just halve the topping volume altogether.

We didn’t let ours “set up” long enough after it came out of the oven so it was a little on the soupy side. But delicious nonetheless. Next time, I’ll used crushed tomatoes instead of diced (everyone in my family has issues with tomato texture). And probably work on that “flavorful” topping.


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