something new

There is a restaurant down the street from my office (where I’m occasionally treated to lunch by the boss) that has incredible gnocchi. I mean, like, lick your plate good. Of course business lunches aren’t really the place for that are they?

So I decided this weekend was as good a time as any to make gnocchi at home. After clicking through a couple other sites I landed on this recipe, which seemed easy enough. Making the gnocchi wasn’t hard, but considering there are potatoes to bake, and the little dumplings need to dry for a couple hours, it is most definitely a Sunday afternoon kind of project.
Considering this was my first try at the ol’ fork-and-roll method, I think I did pretty well. At least, I improved as I went along.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Now of course the thing that makes any Italian dish great is a nice cream sauce. I used the recipe suggested by the gnocchi author. I left out the mozzarella and instead increased the Parmeggiano volume. Even without the mozz, it was a total winner and definitely bowl-licking good. 
These little suckers would be great to freeze and keep on hand for when you need Italian comfort food on a Wednesday night. 

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