peony dress rehearsal

I was a little anxious about my first Colette patterns experience after hearing that they can take some fiddling when it comes to fit. I don’t have patience for that so I was afraid I would end up with a never-finished project. Fortunately though, my Peony “muslin” fits like a dream.

I got all the way to installation of the zipper Friday night (I wanted to wear it Saturday to a family lunch) when I realized I couldn’t find the zipper I bought. So at 8:15 Stella and I headed out to Hancock Fabrics, which closed at 9, with 5 miles worth of gas. The store’s 3 miles away. About half a mile from the store, I got annoyed with other drivers not going fast enough for me and Stella said, “Mama, you need to say namaste.” Touche.

The practice fabric I used is pretty nondescript. I paired it with purple tights this weekend to jazz it up a little.

I love the belt that is part of the pattern, but I think this would also look great with a really wide leather belt.

I made some notes about little things I’ll do differently next time, and now I’m ready for the real thing. 2012 is fast becoming the year for selfish sewing.


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