ode to spaghetti-os

Although I like to think of myself as a (insert word that has now replaced “foodie” because everyone hates it), as a kid my dietary choices were limited, at best. Mostly they were limited to beanie weanies and pasta in a can. How I didn’t weigh 500 pounds I will never know. When I was pregnant, Chef Boyardee was really the only craving I had. And frankly, I still like it.

I knew when I saw this recipe that it wouldn’t really taste like Spaghetti-Os, but I wanted to try it out anyway. There’s nothing wrong with a new pasta recipe, and the chicken meatballs looked yummy. As it turns out, my grocery store didn’t have any chicken ground, and I didn’t want to wait for them to do it, so I grabbed some turkey instead.

I also used a shallot instead of a regular onion, because a couple of weeks ago I made a recipe that called for scallions, and in my head I thought oh, shallots. So yeah, I have a lot of shallots. It burned my eyes so badly that I had to leave the kitchen and splash water on my face. I know there are methods to avoid this – what are they?!

The pasta was yummy but as expected, tasted nothing like Spaghetti-Os. It’s still a keeper, especially with the awesome little mini-meatballs.


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