my chair

I realized after seeing another blogger’s post about a chair she covered in this fabric that I never “revealed” the makeover my inherited chair received last fall. The original fabric was a light green, sort of crosshatch print. The chairs (we have two) were lovely as is, but didn’t really fit our decor. My husband told me they were reupholstered in the 80s so I didn’t feel as though we were messing with their original features.

Now, before we even got the chairs I’d had my eye on Anna Maria Horner’s Summer Totem print from her Loulouthi line. I knew it had to live in my home somewhere. Of course, it’s quilting cotton and most upholsterers frown on that. So, I dutifully looked at thousands (not an exaggeration) of upholstery fabrics in an effort to find something I loved as much as AMH’s print. No luck.

To top it all off, it was getting hard to find around the time I wanted it. But I found seven yards on Etsy and a doubtful upholsterer recovered the chair for me. In all honesty, the pros are right when they say quilting cotton is not the top choice for projects like this. But this is an “occasional” chair that will only be sat upon when we have guests, and therefore not enough sofa seating.

I love it and am so glad I didn’t settle for another fabric. I had enough left for two throw pillows too! It’s back on store shelves now and I plan to get more for a summer dress.


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