what she wore

A coworker asked me recently whether I was documenting Stella’s unique fashion choices and I had to admit that I was not. So I’m going to try, every couple weeks or so, to provide a little peek into what my child looks like when she goes to school every day.


A relatively normal outfit. This jumper and turtleneck set was gifted to us at Christmas 2010 and remains one her favorites. The turtleneck has snaps at the bottom (since it’s an 18-24 mos size!) that Stella insists I fasten. She is in a baby phase so I guess that explains that. Also worn are white leggings, “love bug” Valentine socks, an owl hair clip and a multi-colored bracelet. Friends carried for “show and share” are Bath-Time Baby and her doggie purse.


Getting a little bolder. Red-and-white Hello Kitty top with pink skort and grey leggings. Another pair of “love bug” socks. Simple white hair barrette chosen by me. Friends are Ladybug Girl and Minnie Mouse. Plus, Hello Kitty water bottle.


Pretty normal again. Pink T-shirt with black leggings. Plain socks and birdie hair barrette. Carrying her Mickey Mouse purse from  Disney World that is full of costume jewelry.


Embroidered chinos with Tinkerbell T-shirt and raincoat (though it’s sunny today). Carrying the Mickey Mouse purse again and Baby Stella, who she is keeping warm in this photo by putting her under the coat.

Laid out like this, these choices don’t look so bad. Though you will notice that none of these items are handmade. Of course, if my kid wants to dress all in black or dye her hair blue, I couldn’t care less. There are many things I get worked up about, but that ain’t one of them.


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