my gordon gartrelle

My second favorite episode of The Cosby Show centers on an expensive designer shirt that Theo wants so he can impress a girl. Dr. Huxtable won’t allow him to purchase the real deal, so Denise offers to make a knock off. It doesn’t end well.

A Shirt Story

This image from Liesl Gibson’s own Pinterest page inspired me to make an Itinerary Dress in a super-bright color. I would look pretty ridiculous in that yellow, so I thought a color-blocked version in pink and orange would be cool. I chose some satin and used it wrong side out so it wouldn’t be so shiny.

Awesome right?! Yeah, not so much. The only reason I’m able to wear it for this photo is because I literally cut the seams open from the underarms to halfway down the sleeves. Sausage doesn’t even begin to describe the situation with my arms and those sleeves.

Now, the reason that it’s a shirt and not a dress in the first place is because I totally overestimated the “ease” around the ol’ hip and thigh area. There was no salvaging that, so I just cut it off. No biggie.

Next, notice anything amiss here? Yep, I cut buttonholes on the side of the yoke that’s attached. Since it’s sewn together, buttons aren’t going to do much good here eh?

Now, on the other side of the yoke (where the buttons SHOULD be), I totally constructed it without regard for the fact that the front part needed to overlap the back part. You know, so it could be attached and not gape open. Yeah….

What DID actually work out well was that I added a drawstring to the hem. I wanted a blousy look without having to do that partially tucked in thing.

So there it is – an unmitigated disaster. Thank god I chose cheerful colors at least. We’ll try again this weekend.

…PS: For the record, this is my favorite episode


8 thoughts on “my gordon gartrelle

  1. Love the drawstring hem! Great idea. I wear mine more as a shirt than a dress but it's a lot to tuck in. Though I like wearing mine as a dress with jeans. I really want to make another one and maybe I'll do the drawstring hem.

  2. I cut my attempt at this pattern to an 10 and had to re-cut the sleeves to a 14 after being unable to move my arms in it. Perfect fit with larger size arms, and they still lined up with the rest of pattern perfectly.

  3. Just a perfect storm of blunders and not reading measurements! I am definitely doing another this weekend – now that I've got this out of my system maybe I'll try silk.

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