you can stop looking

… because I’ve found the perfect mac and cheese recipe. It stood out to me on Food Gawker because it’s hyped as a copy of Panera’s macaroni, and that stuff is good. Like many American home cooks, I have searched lo these many years for the “perfect” mac and cheese. I like Martha Stewart’s much-lauded version, but I don’t love it. I made Annie’s Eats’ version last week and it was okay, but not creamy enough. Truth be told, I am partial to recipes that include Velveeta. But fake cheese is just gross, and it’s not sold at my regular grocery store and there’s nothing I hate worse than hopping from store to store cobbling together ingredients.

That’s exactly why I had a breakdown the last time I tried to make tiramisu for my friend Katy, and I had to break it to her that I was going on hiatus for a while with the birthday tiramisu. Now that I use a better grocery store I think it’s time to bring that baby back. But I digress.

This recipe requires a lot of hands on time. It starts with a bechamel to which you add white cheddar and white American cheeses. It’s finished with a little Dijon mustard. If you absolutely hate mustard, leave it out, but I think it adds a nice sharp flavor. And that’s it. It’s made completely on the stovetop, so no baking. No bread crumb topping. Just noodles and cheese.


I had a few rigatoni noodles hanging out in the cupboard so I threw them in too. The more the merrier.


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