what she wore

This installment of “what she wore” includes an item that hasn’t been worn in public yet but which is core to Stella’s wardrobe: the bathing suit. She is nothing less than obsessed with summer and its clothing. Around the house, in the dead of winter, she wears flip-flops, tank tops and swim suits. She talks constantly about going swimming and asks when she can wear her sleeveless dresses. This morning, I said that it didn’t look like we’d get any snow this winter, since it’s almost spring and none is forecast. She cheered.

Apologies for the poor picture quality, but that’s what happens when you go straight from bed to photography, awakened by the sound of a 3-year-old on a snare drum. Wearing a Janie & Jack suit from last season.

Last week my mom gave her this new suit from Mini Boden. Once again, she spent the morning before school in it.

Now, for actually leaving the house, we need a bit more. Grey T-shirt, polka dot Sunday brunch skirt, pink leggings, North Face jacket, Hello Kitty socks and carrying my old purse with Baby Abby in a sundress.

Here we have a ruffled GAP T-shirt, Hopscotch skirt in purple cord, tights, denim jacket and fleece hat. The socks are Care Bear.

This picture also signifies a seismic shift. It was the first time I’ve ever pointed a camera at her and in response, she “posed.” Lord help us.


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