dyeing eggs

The neon colored eggs featured on Oh Joy have been making the rounds on the blogs this week so I thought we’d give them a whirl. I’d never dyed eggs without one of those little kits, and the only thing I missed was the wire dipper thing. Just use some food coloring, seriously. It’s so much easier.

My helper was with me right up until … step one. She squirted the coloring in the bowls and was soon deeply entrenched in something much more interesting, making “coffee” in the French press. Oh well, I am OCD about stuff like this so it’s best that I go it alone.

Mine aren’t as bright and pretty as the originals, mainly due to my impatience. I couldn’t wait for them to soak a long time, I was too eager to see the finished product.

The stripey one had a rubber band on it. Pretty cool. The orange and pink would’ve been awesome if not for the sneaky orange.

The crackly one cracked during boiling so I just took a spoon to it and made it a “design element.”

And since I love a good ombré, this one’s my favorite. The grass is just scraps from the shred bin. Reduce, reuse and all that.

Happy spring!



One thought on “dyeing eggs

  1. those eggs are really pretty! I like all the different styles and that they aren't just one color. I think next year is the one I try to do eggs with my oldest daughter. She is a very defiant 3 year old right now..

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