I have a favorite pair of J. Crew shorts that I’ve been wearing since college. No lie, they are the greatest thing ev-er. Not too short, not too long. Generously sized. Unfortunately, considering they are 10+ years old, they’ve seen better days. But they’ve held up surprisingly well, and are one of those garments for which you realize “you get what you pay for.”

But I know (deep down, wayyyy down) that it’s a bit gauche to be wearing 10-year-old shorts, so I made some new ones.

They are Pattern Runway’s sweet scalloped shorts and they’re pretty awesome. I made them in white, which I realize is only slightly more sane than making something white for the DD. But I envision wearing them with a neon oversized shirt, sipping beer at a beach bar. Sometimes white shorts are just called for. There may or may not already be a bit of coffee on the back from where I sat them down on the dining room table.

They are a Franken-size since my shape is super odd, and I’m not totally happy with the waistband. As you can see, it gapes in the front and back. I have a hot pink pair planned and I’ll try to address that. The pattern doesn’t call for it, but I’m going to add a hook-and-eye at the top of the zipper too.

This was my first foray into welt pockets and I was utterly lost. I had to do some Googling because the pattern instructions weren’t doing it for me. I still didn’t get them right, but fortunately you can’t tell. If you can, you’re totally too close to my butt.

See ya at the beach! If you get there first, please order me a Modelo Especial.


5 thoughts on “shorts

  1. Perfect summer wardrobe addition. So cute and even though they might gap a little at the waistband I think they would be fine if the top hung over it a little bit. What fabric did you use?Erin

  2. I used a solid Dear Stella cotton. They are see-through but I didn't want to fool with a lining, so when in public I'll just wear some "shapewear" underneath.

  3. Those are pretty damn cool. I don't wear shorts (well technically I have a pair but they are a cargo shorts that go below the knee) but if I did wear short-er shorts I'd want to make a pair of these!

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